Staying lazy but productive.


Being lazy is fun, it’s always refreshing and entertaining. Most importantly it gives you a free time to clear up your mind. But there is a point when you become too lazy and starting to feel yourself like a lazy peace of shit. I struggle to find that balance between fun-lazy and shit-lazy.

I’m not talking about work you have to do to earn money, I’m talking about free time you have after work or during the weekend. As a creative person I tend to put pressure on myself to keep progressing and always be busy with something new.

This year so far was nothing else but a lazy existence 🙇 nothing really was accomplished. Well, at least, last month I finally launched my portfolio. It felt goood! To keep myself in a good mood I decided to create a list of things that I should accomplish every month. Initially it included things like post shots on Dribbble, photos on Instagram, case study on Behance or tweet more, read more, learn more. Most of them were way too abstract and constraining in a way, but I wanted just to do something. So I took another shot to come up with a better list, that would push me to do something and allow me to accomplish tasks like “be more socially active” same time.

🕵️ Explore something

That simple! Just start and finish something new. Whether it’s an app idea or problem in the web that should be solved or new course or whatever new I want to try.

👨‍💻 Write a journal post

Putting thoughts in words is an extremely important skill. And I should start to master it. Also with completing ‘explore something’ task I will always have a subject for the new entry.

👨‍🏫 Read a book

I can say that I’m reading pretty decent amount of articles on a daily basis. But starting and finishing books was never a part of my routine. This month I started with Ray Bradbury “The Illustrated Man”.

This is a very short and definitely doable list. And if you just think about a year, 12 month, during which you read 12 books, wrote 12 posts and tried 12 new things. That’s already a very productive year and plenty of time to be lazy. 😅

I’ll write on how it goes next time and for now that’s all.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any enquiries by sending a letter at and thanks for stopping by. 🖖